Cuddlah Army

  • Out With a Bang!

    We tweeted our hearts out, and even though we didn't register on Trendsmap, we had some impressive results! In the very first hour of the bomb, we had over 600 tweets! Looking at, the link to the tour dates was tweeted over 1,800 times. Since topsy has a way of only counting what they consider to be "significant" tweets, we can only assume that number is in reality higher. Our tweets came from Australia, Canada, Japan, the UK, and of course the USA.

    In the last couple of hours of the bomb, some of us in the midwestern and eastern United States were effected by the power outages resulting from the derecho storms. We still tweeted in the dark, proving once and for all that even Mother Nature can't stop stupid!

    Thanks everyone for participating! Now go cuddle hard! #C4FknL



  • What the fuck is Twitter jail?

    It's the day of the bomb and you're tweeting your fingers to the bone like the good Cuddlah that you are. All of a sudden, Twitter stops you dead in your tracks. You can't tweet or RT a single thing. My friennn, you are in Twitter jail!

    Twitter Jail is no tweeting if you've reached the limit of 100 tweets per hour/1000 per day. If you've hit the per hour limit, you can either resume tweeting from another account or just take a break for a couple of hours and try again. You might notice that @Wendydrop tweets about @CuddlahArmy is in Twitter jail. That's because I had to switch accounts.

    Are you having fun? I am... I've seen tweets from England, Japan, Australia, and the US. Keep it up! It would be cool to register on Trendsmap!

    Remember, RTs help!!!



  • We're ready to go!

    The bomb starts in just a few minutes and I see a bunch of Cuddlahs are ready to go! Remember to do these three things:

    1. Use #MagicalMiseryTour

    2. Tweet the link:

    3. Promote the tour!

    Thanks so much for coming to the party, now go fuck yourselves! C4FknL!



  • Want to keep up with our progress?

    If you are into numbers like I am, you might like to see how we're doing. In the beginning hours of the Twitter bomb, I recommend you go here:

    At some point, probably around 4pm EST we could possibly register on Trendsmap. We have done that twice since we started the bombs last summer. Go here to see if we register: You should do a search on our hashtag: #MagicalMiseryTour

    How do we register? It helps to keep the following in mind:

    Tweets with links associated with them are considered more signficant than tweets without links, so be sure to include the link:

    Also, retweets are considered signficant, so feel free to retweet as much as you like!

    Have fun!



  • Bomb drops at 12:00 EST - Are you ready?

    All you need to remember is to use the hashtag: #MagicalMiseryTour and tweet the link to the tour: & #MagicalMiseryTour

    Have fun! One hour to go!



Glitter Done!

Hey, sad! Want to join a Twitter cage fight and attempt to trend this ball of shame? Tweet with the Cuddlah Army!

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